SRI BALAJI MAXMAIL PVT LTD is our parent company and we cater INTERNATIONAL COURIER SERVICES on FEDEX/UPS/DHL/TNT and ARAMEX and we are one of the top agents on handling maximum international courier loads from SOUTH INDIA.

ICL (Integrated Couriers & Logisitcs) is our own branded DOMESTIC Courier Company; we cater the best domestic courier services across INDIA.

You can login to our website: www.iclexpress.in for more details or queries.

The growth of business in India is phenomenal which is well known to the world-wide business community.

The largest democratic country-India, politically and economically sound with a huge market, has attracted many new players coming into India to share the benefit of constant growth.The aviation and shipping industry is no exception. In this field also airlines and shipping lines are adding continuous benefits to the growth of our company.